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Other Features

Configuration Table

FieldDefault ValueOptional ValueDescription
tokenstringToken for Joplin web service
baseUrlhttp://localhost:41184stringBase path of Joplin API
deleteConfirmtruebooleanConfirm before deleting
sortNotesfalsebooleanWhether to sort notes
sortNotesTypealphabeticalType of note sorting
alphabeticalSort by alphabetical order of title
defaultJoplin's default sorting
sortOrderascOrder of sorting (asc or desc)
ascAscending order
descDescending order
languageenglishDisplay language of the plugin, follows VSCode
zhSimplified Chinese


  • f2: Rename notes or directories
  • delete: Delete notes or directories
  • ctrl+alt+u: Upload images from clipboard
  • ctrl+alt+e: Upload images from file chooser
  • ctrl+alt+shift+e: Add attachments from file chooser
  • ctrl+j ctrl+o: Search notes, display last 20 modified notes by default
  • ctrl+j ctrl+i: Create attachments
  • ctrl+j ctrl+m: Manage tags
  • ctrl+j ctrl+l: Show the attached resources of the current note

Edit Attachments

Due to frequent issues with the click-to-jump function implemented in the vscode editor, a function to display the current note attachment list was implemented after v0.7.8, used to quickly edit specified attachment resources, default shortcuts is ctrl+j ctrl+l.


Paste Images

The picture paste function has been added after v0.1.7, it can upload pictures to Joplin and paste the link into VSCode through the right-click menu, command or shortcut key.

  1. ctrl+alt+u Paste image from clipboard
  2. ctrl+alt+e Select and paste image using file manager


Add Attachments

The ability to add attachments has been added after v0.1.10, it can add files as attachment resources to Joplin notes through commands or shortcut keys.

  1. ctrl+alt+shift+e Select the file to be added as an attachment

Create Attachments

The right-click function to create attachment resources has been implemented after v0.3.0, mainly used to quickly create and add a mind map (supported by Baidu Mindmap) or a flowchart (supported by

Tag Management

Tag management is supported after v0.3.0, the command is > Joplin: Manage tags, the default shortcut is ctrl+j ctrl+m to pop up the checkbox.

Create Tags

Tag creation is supported after v0.3.0, the command is > Joplin: Create tag.

You can see Copy Link on the right-click menu of the note, click to copy to the clipboard.

Link notes

Use Ctrl+click to open in other notes.

Released under the MIT License.