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Joplin Batch Web

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Handles some bulk operations that Joplin itself does not support, presented in a visual interface.

  • [x] Check for unreferenced attachment resources Some unused attachment resources are not cleaned up in time
  • [x] Check for non-existent referenced attachment resources Some in-use attachments may not exist for various reasons
  • [x] Convert external links to internal note references Hope to convert the previous blog links to internal :/id links to ensure they never expire
  • [x] Check for the presence of notes without parent directories (usually an error)

Getting started

  1. Open the Joplin desktop version
  2. Enable the web clipper
  3. Fill out the configuration on the Settings page
  4. Navigate to the relevant feature page



Why not use CLI?

CLI is not very suitable for this scenario, such as previewing abnormal attachments or notes, which is a bit troublesome in the command line.

Will it record my note data?

The site is completely local, there is no backend server, if you are still worried, you can check the source code joplin-batch-web

Released under the MIT License.