Required dependencies

  • nodejs >= v18
  • pnpm
  • git
  • github

Install nodejs

From the nodejs official websiteopen in new window download and install the latest version then use the following commands to check whether the installation was successful

node -v
npm -v

Install pnpm

Once you have installed nodejs, install pnpm with the following command

npm i -g pnpm

Check whether the pnpm installation was successful

pnpm -v

Register on GitHub

Go to the GitHub websiteopen in new window, click 'sign up' and follow the instructions to create an account

Install git

Download and install from the official git websiteopen in new window. If you are using linux or macOS then it may be pre-installed.
Run the following to check if installation was successful

git --version

Finally set your local username and commit email address

git config --global "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME"
git config --global "[email protected]"

For further details on how to use git together with GitHub, please refer to the official GitHub documentationopen in new window