Performs some batch operations not currently handled by Joplin and displays them in the form of a graphical user interface

  • [x] Check whether there are any orphaned resources - some unused resources are not cleaned up automatically on time
  • [x] Check if a referenced resource does not exist - some of these resources may be referenced but may no longer exist for a number of different reasons
  • [x] Convert external links to internal note references - so that external links can be converted to internal :/id references, ensuring that they will never expire
  • [x] Check to see if there are any notes outside of a parent notebook (usually due to an error)


  1. Open the Joplin desktop application
  2. Enable Web Clipper
  3. On the settingsopen in new window page, fill in the configuration options
  4. Navigate to your required function page



Why not a CLI application?

The format of a CLI application is not always suitable in certain scenarios, such as previewing abnormal attachments or notes which is not as simple when using a command line interface

Will it record my note data?

The website runs entirely locally, there is no backend server. If you are still concerned you can check out the source code joplin-batch-webopen in new window

Last Updated: 10/4/2021, 6:48:38 PM
Contributors: rxliuli, Daeraxa