Other features

Configuration table

FieldDefault valueOptionsDescription
tokenstringjoplin web server token
baseUrlhttp://localhost:41184stringThe base path of the joplin web service
deleteConfirmtruebooleanWhether to remind when deleting
sortNotesfalsebooleanWhether to sort notes.
sortNotesTypealphabeticalType of sorting notes.
alphabeticalSort notes by alphabetical order of its Title property.
defaultDefault Joplin order (whatever that is).
sortOrderascOrder of sorting notes (asc or desc)
asc'asc': ascending order
desc'desc': descending order (reverse)
languageenglishThe language displayed by the plugin, follow VSCode
zhSimple Chinese

Hot key

  • f2: Rename notes or directories
  • delete: delete notes or directories
  • ctrl+alt+u: upload pictures from clipboard
  • ctrl+alt+e: upload image from file chooser
  • ctrl+alt+shift+e: add attachments from the file selector
  • ctrl+j ctrl+o: search notes, default to show the 20 most recently modified notes
  • ctrl+j ctrl+i: create attachment
  • ctrl+j ctrl+m: manage tabs

Paste picture

After v0.1.7, a new image paste function has been added. You can upload images to Joplin through the right-click menu, commands or shortcut keys and paste the link into VSCode.

  1. ctrl+alt+u paste the clipboard picture
  2. ctrl+alt+e Use the file manager to select the picture and paste

Add attachments

After v0.1.10, the function of adding attachments has been added. You can add files as attachment resources to Joplin notes through commands or shortcut keys.

  1. ctrl+alt+shift+e select the file to be added as an attachment

You can see Copy Link in the right-click menu on the notes, click it to copy it to the clipboard.

Link notes

Use Ctrl+click to open to other notes.